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Services for Schools

Developing and maintaining excellent relationships with schools and colleges is central to our work and crucial for the success of our school advice and placement services. We pay regular visits to schools across the UK and overseas and strive to maintain up to date information for the school listings on our websites.

We receive over 1000 bespoke advice enquiries each year and place students into a vast range of private schools and colleges. We are in daily contact with admissions registrars and are constantly reviewing our procedures to ensure that they are provided with the information they need to assess a prospective candidate.

A particularly popular service for schools is our Goodwill Placement Service, whereby we will endeavour to find an alternative place for a child to whom you are not able to offer a place or who, for whatever reason, needs to be removed from the school. Please ask us for details.

Positive Publicity for Schools

Many schools appear in our annual League Tables of the highest performing independent schools and colleges, for which they receive a signed certificate, and we recognise the achievement of the top schools with specially commissioned Crystal Awards. Schools use the positive publicity generated by these certificates and awards and are able to link to the League Tables in their own websites and marketing materials.

Marketing Services for Schools

We spend a great deal of time talking to parents about their perception of schools, especially after they have visited. We know what parents are looking for, and what will impress them when they visit a school. We also know where schools frequently fall short of parents’ expectations in this regard. This means that we are in a unique position of being able to offer practical advice to schools about their marketing and image.

We can provide bespoke consultancy services covering the following areas:

  • Online marketing

We generate over 1,000 bespoke enquiries each year through our websites from parents seeking school placement assistance. Thus we have a great dealof experience in knowing how to attract parents from the internet. We can design effective school websites. We can run large internet ad campaigns which generate far more responses than any hard copy adverts can.

  • Social media

Everyone has heard how big social media is, but few schools actually know how to leverage it in marketing. We spend a defined proportion of our day to day work time getting messages out on social media specifically to aid recruitment.

  • Offline marketing

We do not position ourselves as a PR company but we just get on with rolling out campaigns for specialised recruitment on behalf of schoolclients. We also offer tailor made workshops covering areas such as top tips for organising an effective visit for prospective parents, and running a recruitment seminar.

  • Marketing strategy

Many of our staff have worked at a senior level in private schools and colleges. We specialise in taking classical marketing techniques and adapting them to the ethos of private education i.e attracting pupils without using aggressive or hard sell techniques.

Higher Education Advice for Schools

Our university advice team help schools with high level placements e.g medical school entry, Oxbridge, Art School. We also offer a really useful service helping out year 12 and 13 students get into alternative Higher Education programmes if they are falling short of the required entry grades for their first choice of university.

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