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"The process was flawless and honest. After 6 weeks in his new school, my son is happy and doing better at school."
Nadine Lagarmitte

Welcome to the Education Advisers website

Our core businesses are:

This website describes the services we offer to parents, independent schools and joint venture partners.

With over 2000 UK independent schools, many parents are confused by the choice. Education Advisers places large numbers of pupils in schools via enquiries from our own 12 websites (see bottom of page) and guides parents effectively through this huge choice. We describe our unique schools advice process under the section on services for parents.

Because we listen to so many parents requirements on school choice, we can also advise schools on meeting parents’ expectations. Schools can find out about differentiated school marketing strategies and also apply for a free copy of our report on the subject. With more than 1.5 million visitors to our own sites we can help schools be more effective with their internet marketing strategies.

Lastly, you would not want to use us without being sure of our experience. We formed in 2004 and most of our staff come from management positions in schools and colleges. Thus, you will have an experienced Principal on your assignment, big or small. Speak to one of our Principals – we communicate by phone, email, internet, voice over internet, video over internet, face to face and even snail mail – whatever your preference!

Les Webb, Managing Director – Direct Line 01622 813870

This site is operated by Education Advisers Limited, which specialises in advice to parents and students on choice of independent schools and colleges. You may find out more about us not only on this site but also on our other websites: