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Services for Parents

School and College Choice

Education Advisers Ltd specialises in giving totally impartial advice to parents on choosing private schools in the UK and Europe. The service breaks down into a number of constituent parts:-

School Choice

In the UK we consider all 2000+ private schools, which cover ages 3 through to 18. Private schools are also known as independent schools and public schools in the UK, but the common feature is that all of these schools require parents to pay school fees.  In Europe we only cover international schools teaching the International Baccalaureate in English.

We start by building a profile of your child, plus identifying your wishes and aspirations. We will then identify suitable schools which have vacancies and typically we will aim to achieve 3 or 4 offers. It is vital importance to us that we find the right fit of school for child. We are always impartial and we are not influenced by financial incentives from schools. The majority of international education agents use schools which pay them the most commission.

School Admissions

Many schools are "selective", meaning your child will have to pass strict admissions tests. We can assess your child’s ability and if necessary recommend experienced tutors to rectify any weaknesses.


We can advise you on the best curriculum to suit your child and the impact on their application to University.


If you are relocating into the UK, we can give you general advice on the best areas to live and how to get close to both the schools and your work location. If you need more detailed help, we have partnerships with relocation specialists.

University Advice

We have a separate service for university degrees covering everything from degree subject choice, university choice through the application process including assistance with Personal Statements and prepping for interview skills. The service is modular allowing you to pick the specific elements that your child needs.


We offer a large number of eGuides, most of which can be downloaded from our websites. They range from "how to pick a particular type of school" to "how to get into a particular degree course". Most of our eGuides are free, but quite a number contain more detailed sections, especially the questionnaires, which are only given to fee paying clients.

Our advice is always impartial and if you would like to discuss your requirements in confidence, just phone +44 (0) 1622 813870