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Partner Services

Education Advisers works with a number of associated companies in order to provide a full service to our clients. We are happy to receive referrals from others on a reciprocal or shared revenue basis, including the following

International education agents / consultants

We can help international agents to place their clients into UK schools, particularly those seeking top 10 academic schools, which do not pay commission to foreign agents. We can also help companies who are just setting up overseas agencies.

Relocation consultants and HR directors of Multi National Companies

Expatriate families usually seek good UK schools before they decide where to live. We often work jointly with relocation consultants on such projects.


We can help Foreign Embassies with a broad range of enquiries from relocating employee’s school requirements to scholarship programmes for talented foreign nationals

Personal tutors

We refer a number of clients to different personal tuition firms for assessments or admissions test prepping. We can also assist tutors with school or university placements for their own clients.

UK and International Schools

We help many schools with student advisory services ranging from university advice to academic summer school placements to outplacements of pupils who can no longer stay with their school.


We refer clients to guardians and they reciprocate with school placements referrals.

Investors in Education

We are often approached by developers looking to establish new schools in the UK or overseas. We have a wealth of experience in school / curriculum establishment plus relationships with numerous large UK schools, but we only help entrepreneurs who already have their financing in place and a clear idea of their business plan / strategy. We will not entertain proposals based solely on commission or success fees.

In theory, we can help most partners seeking assistance with private education in the UK. Please refer to the sub navigation headings on this page – or simply phone us on +44 (0) 1622 813870 to discuss