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University Advice

Education Advisers offers an individually-tailored, paid-for service for students and their parents. This covers all aspects of choosing and applying to University, including the following:

Initial Consultation

Your assigned adviser will spend at least an hour with you, and your parents, in either a face-to-face meeting or a skype or telephone discussion to discuss your interests, academic achievements to date, and other factors which will ultimately influence your choice of degree course and University. Following this meeting, your adviser will draw up a shortlist of course/s and universities for you to consider. This information will be sent to you via email. Your adviser will be available via email or telephone for ongoing discussion until the final selection has been reached. Whilst your adviser will recommend the best fit for you in his opinion, the final selection is yours to make. For International students, your adviser will also be able to evaluate your qualifications, if you have taken examinations other than GCSE, A Level or IB.

Personal Statement

Your adviser will offer specialist guidance with the writing of the ‘Personal Statement’ (for Bachelor programmes) and the ‘Statement of Purpose’ (for post graduate degrees). For many students this is the most difficult part of the application process, and may necessitate a number of drafts being emailed back and forth between you and your adviser. Please note that your adviser is not allowed to write your statement for you, but will advise about content, balance, focus and impact. University Admissions Tutors can easily spot a statement which has been written for a candidate, and will cancel an application if this is the case. Therefore Education Advisers will not harm your application by providing such a service.

On-Going Email/Telephone Support

Your adviser will maintain regular contact with you throughout the whole application process, primarily via email, but also by telephone or skype. A further face-to-face meeting can be arranged if required. This support will be available to you from the moment you contract Education Advisers to your enrolment at University.

Interview Preparation

Many Universities do not interview candidates. However some, including Cambridge, Oxford, University College, London and Medical Schools, will normally invite suitably qualified applicants for interview. If you are invited to interview, Education Advisers will assist you with your interview preparation.

Offers/Final Selection/Results/Enrolment

Your adviser will remain available to you right through until you enrol at University. This will include advice on the offers your receive and your final selection of university through to receipt of your results, confirmation from your Universities, the use of the ‘Clearing’ process if required and then any issues you may encounter prior to enrolment.

Length of Service

You can sign-up with Education Advisers up to 18 months prior to your enrolment at University. Thus, if you wish to commence University in September 2018, you can contract Education Advisers to assist you from March 2016 and your adviser would be available to support you until September 2018.


While some students and their families are content to meet, receive guidance and then move forward on their own, others appreciate that there is a value in maintaining involvement without us throughout a course of study the chosen school or college and that we can be called upon to assist further at any point. Once a programme of study is underway, we can act as a mentor. We can monitor progress through regular meeting with a student and their family, attend key meetings at the chosen school or college and provide other services as the need arises, such as, for example, building additional study skills or providing assistance with pastoral care.

Registering with Education Advisers

If you would like to explore our services further or register your interest, please complete the Registration Form on our website at and we will provide you with a quote for our services. Please note that, at this stage, you are under no obligation to contract Education Advisers.

Once your Registration Form has been received by Education Advisers, you will be assigned to one of our advisers. He will contact you directly via email and provide you with a quote for our services.

Should you wish to proceed; Education Advisers will issue an agreement for you and/or your parents to sign, together with the initial invoice. This must be paid in order for your service to commence.